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​As any other country-member of the European Union, Poland is a republic based on the democratic principles. In addition, the Republic of Poland is based on the Montesquieu’s separation of powers principle which is the basis of the modern democracy, thus one can distinguish the legislative, executive and judicial powers. The judicial power, according to the Polish law, is vested in courts and tribunals, in accordance to the modern democratic standards.

The Poland’s Constitution of 2 April 1997 states that there are following sources of universally binding Polish law: the Constitution as the supreme law of the state, the statute, ratified international agreement and regulation. Also enactments issued in the course of operation of organs are regarded as universal binding source of Polish law, according to the Constitution.

It is worth noting that the Court system of the Republic of Poland is based on continental legal system. If you seek legal advice you should contact an advocate, legal advisor or notary depending on the issue you are facing. Nowadays numerous legal offices or firms provide advice in English. Thus, if you seek legal advice in English, please use Internet search machine and enter: “porady prawne w języku angielskim Katowice” or “kancelaria język angielski Katowice”. You can also contact Okręgowa Rada Adwokacka w Katowicach www.adwokatura.katowice.pl/kontakt or Okręgowa Rada Radców Prawnych w Katowicach www.oirp.katowice.pl/kontakt which are Katowice bar councils of advocates and legal advisors.

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