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The "Spodek" Arena

Construction of the "Spodek" Arena was completed in 1971. The arena was the largest and the state-of-the-art facility in Poland at that time. It has still been the most recognisable building in the capital of Silesia. Uniquely shaped components of the "Spodek" Arena form a compatible complex which covers almost a 7 ha area. Multifunctional and universal features of the elements enable to organise various events at the same time i.e.: the artistic and sporting events, fairs, exhibitions as well as congresses and trainings.   

The arena has been modernised several times. The last modernisation took place in 2011. Nowadays, it is the only fully air conditioned facility in Poland.

All repairs cost PLN 70 million. As a result the facility took on a modern image. The most impressive is a new rounded LED screen, suspended from the roof. In addition, the main hall is equipped with a strong lightning and a new monitoring connected to the fire-fighting system. Currently, the "Spodek" Arena can hold up to 11,000 people.

Over the last 40 years it hosted among others: concerts, sport events, shows on ice, opera and circus performances as well as fairs, exhibitions and meetings with politicians. The most important events involve concerts of world-famous stars such as: Tina Turner, Metallica or Depeche Mode as well as matches and performances of the best sport teams of hockey, volleyball, handball players and acrobats.

The "Spodek" Arena comprises of the following components:

- Main hall with the capacity of 11,000 seats;

- Gym with the capacity of 400 seats;

- Ice rink – opened all-year-round excluding a summer renovation break;

- Indoor swimming pool with two saunas and other water attractions;

The "Spodek" Arena in numbers

Date of construction:                        1971
Date of the last renovation:              2011
Max. capacity:                                  11,000 seats
Gate for the disabled:                       gate 7
Total capacity:                                  338,732 m2
Usable area:                                     29,473 m2

Safety in the "Spodek" Arena facilities

The arena safety system allows to organise artistic and sporting events in a safe way. The building makes it possible to leave the hall in less than 10 minutes. The visual monitoring system effectively supports the audience safety.
Moreover, within the technical safety systems there operate:

- Fire alarm system;

- Smoke control system;

- Drencher system

- Fire hydrant installation
The fire alarm system automatically sending signals to the fire department allows the fire brigade to arrive on the spot in about 5 minutes.

How to get there:

The "Spodek" Arena is located in the Katowice city centre, at the Jerzy Ziętek Roundabout connecting national road 79 with Korfantego Avenue. It is easily accessible both by car and public transport:

- 45 minutes from the Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice (a shuttle bus every 1 hour- bus stop at Korfantego Av.);

- 3 minutes from the Katowice railway station; tram lines no. 11 or 13 (tram stop at the roundabout);

- 15 minute walking distance from the railway and bus stations;
Special parking spaces are available for cars of organisers, artists as well as TIR lorries and technical service cars during concerts, etc.


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