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The ninth edition of the top business meeting in Central Europe is scheduled to take place on 10-12 May 2017 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. The event is coming soon, so we encourage you to mark it in your calendar and complete the formal registration process.

As usual, the 8th Congress, organized last year, brought together Polish and European politicians and experts, and, above all, representatives of the world of business from Europe and across the world, demonstrating that thanks to its established position, importance and prestige, the Congress has great potential for growth. One hundred panel discussions featured several hundred panellists and the entire three-day event was attended by a record number of 8,000 guests.

Importantly, the Congress formula was expanded to include new events devoted to young entrepreneurship, innovative start-ups (European Start-up Days), global economic relations of Polish and European companies (new forums for international economic cooperation), and expansion trends in the global economy (digitisation, Industry 4.0).

The start-up culture initiative proved particularly successful, attracting 2,500 participants. The European Economic Congress owes its unique strength on the map of economic events to active involvement of small- and medium-sized businesses – entrepreneurs and investors who transcend their ‘middle-sized’ status to join the first economic league and, through their dynamism, ambition and creativity, add precious new values to the economy.

At a time when Europe is struggling with internal crises and is on the lookout for new forms of co-operation, the Congress remains a forum for open debate, confronting the new reality in which we build economic relations in Europe and across the world, as well the strength of the Polish economy and individual businesses.

Each year, the European focus of the Congress is enriched with a global context brought in by participants from other continents, allowing the list of international debates and meetings to expand.

The chief criteria that drive our choice of topics depend on their importance for the economy, plus their topicality and ability to anticipate trends and phenomena that are only now beginning to emerge.

We are committed to an open attitude towards the diversity of opinions, environments and political options.

The Congress’s commitment to diversity and dialogue will continue to endow it with exceptional resonance, accompanied by a relaxed and informal atmosphere that promotes discussion and forges new business relations, so much appreciated by our guests each year.

source: http://www.eecpoland.eu/en/

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