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Art Naif Festival in Nikiszowiec

On 10th June in the ”Szyb Wilson” Gallery located in Katowice there will be a grand opening of the 9thArt Naif Festival. Traditionally, the exhibition of naive art, where works of art from all over the world are presented, will constitute the main part of the festival. This year exhibition will feature nearly 300 artists from several dozen countries, such as, among others : Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Venezuela, Chile or even Australia. Apart from the exhibition, additional events – concerts, film screening and workshops will be organized during the festival. Naive art is a depiction of reality seen with the eyes of non-professional artists who refer to a childlike way of painting, although not all naive artists lack the formal education and training. Frequently also the qualified artists consciously choose this form of expression – simple, colourful without a clearly marked perspective. Art Naif Festival is a unique event in Poland and the biggest one in Europe. Each year a different country, which becomes a special guest of the city for several festival weeks, sets the tone for this international display. This time the theme of the entire festival is connected with Spain, whose culture will dominate all accompanying events. The exhibition opening, which is going to take place at 6:15 p.m. on 10th June, will be enriched with hot flamenco rhythms combined with a circus show performed by Varuma Teatro and Choni Cía. Flamenca straight from Sevilla. These groups will appear in the ”Szyb Wilson” Gallery at the special invitation of the Katowice Mayor – the concert is organized by The Krystyna Bochenek Katowice Culture Centre, City of Gardens. Among the invited guests there will be Polish and foreign authors of the works presented at the exhibition.

Apart from the rich main display held in the ”Szyb Wilson” Gallery, the Festival will be accompanied with other expositions related to naive art. The Upper Silesian Museum in Bytom invites you to the exhibition of works of amateurs from its own collection, entitled „Na pograniczu światów” (”At the frontier of worlds”). At the ”Elektrownia” Contemporary Art Gallery in Czeladź you will feast your eyes on the beauty of Spanish illustrations and at the Silesian Museum in Katowice you will see the exhibition of drawings by Paweł Wróbel. During the festival there will also be the occasion to admire the exhibition called „ Wokół mistrzów Grupy Janowskiej” (Around the masters of the Janowska Group) at the City Ethnology Department – a branch of the Museum of Katowice History.

The organizers of the 9th edition, which is a unique holiday of naive art, have prepared a wide range of side events such as: a Spanish language course, film screening, flamenco dance lessons or arts workshops for kids. As each year, the exhibition will be accompanied with Art Jarmark in Nikiszowiec planned on 20th July as well as AfryKamera African Film Festival which will take you straight to the „Black Land”.

Admission is free. The Festival will be held under the auspices of the Ambassador of Spain, the Mayor of Katowice, the Marshal of Silesian Voivodeship as well as the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Duration: 10th June - 19th August 2016

Location: ”Szyb Wilson” Gallery, ul. Oswobodzenia 1, Katowice

Organizer: Eko – Art Silesia Foundation

9th Art Naif Festival (Programme).pdf

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