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We are proud and delighted to ann​​ounce that Katowice has been awarded the status of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) City of Music.

On 11th December, 2015 The UNESCO Director-General, Irina Brokova decided to include Katowice in the prestigious UNESCO Network of Creative Cities. Up till now, the group has comprised 9 centres: 6 in Europe (Bologna, Ghent, Glasgow, Hanover, Manheim and Seville) and 3 in the Non-European Countries (Bogota in Colombia, Hamam in Japan and Bazzaville in the Congo​​).

Thus, Katowice has become the first Central and Eastern European city to win the title in the area of music and the second (after Kraków, which holds the title in the area of literature) Creative City in Poland.

Awarding this distinctive title, UNESCO recognized and honoured intensity and diverse nature of musical activity in Katowice – the City strong through music, proud of its contribution to Polish jazz and blues, boasting the best alternative and electronic music festivals. Katowice owes its title to creative people closely connected with the city such as Mikołaj Górecki and Wojciech Kilar, to mention just the most notable ones. The city was also honoured for its consistent investment in culture, including infrastructure which is best exemplified by the new seat of The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice. Last but not least, it also gives credit to the great artists who live and create in Katowice.

While applying for the title, Katowice was strongly supported by The Polish National Commission for UNESCO and Kraków, The City of Literature whose experience Katowice benefited from, as well as by all members of The Network of Creative Cities of Music.

The title will bring a lot of benefits to Katowice such as increase of the city prestige in the international arena. A recognizable worldwide brand – The City of Music, will become a sign of the quality of music activity in Katowice. It will attract visitors from Poland and other countries, thereby boosting local economy.

Cooperation with the other members of the UNESCO Network means that Polish music aficionados will soon enjoy an even richer music offer: an outstanding flamenco show marking the opening of the annual Naïve Art Festival or an event combining a hip-hop concert with a poetry slam, to name a few.

​Projects dedicated to the development of music industry will also help to develop talents of local artists.

In conclusion, the title of The City of Music is the culmination of transition from the postindustrial city to a creative centre.​

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