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  • 24 lipca 2014
    The concept of modernism defines the general phenomenon of world trends in architecture, which has developed mainly in the years 1918-1975. Modernism not only assumed shift from historical styles, but…
  • 07 lipca 2014
    In 2011, thanks to the efforts of the Mayor of Katowice, the historic Nikiszowiec estate was included on the list of Historical Monuments. Such status is awarded to monuments of special historical val…
  • 27 czerwca 2014
    Construction of the "Spodek" Arena was completed in 1971. The arena was the largest and the state-of-the-art facility in Poland at that time. It has still been the most recognisable building in the ca…
  • 26 czerwca 2014
    The history of Katowice is a mirror reflexion of the history of the Upper Silesia. In the past these lands belonged to Poland, the Czech state (Czechia), Austria, Prussia and Germany. After Poland had…
  • 16 stycznia 2014
    Katowice is associated with the most urbanised part of the agglomeration, while as much as 42% of the city area is covered by forests. 7.5% is occupied by cultivated green areas, and 15% by agricultur…
  • 15 stycznia 2014
    When you are in the mood for entertaining you cannot miss Mariacka Street, which became the most popular pedestrian zone in Katowice after comprehensive remodelling. It is vibrant with life because of…