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About the city

aboutKatowice is one of the most rapidly developing Polish metropolises.
The former capital of the Polish heavy industry has been transformed into a modern municipal organism throughout the last decade. No wonder Katowice is reputed to be one of the most attractive investment areas in Eastern Europe.
If you are seeking an attractive place for doing business you should immediately visit Katowice.

  • Area: 164,5 sq km
  • Population: 320 thous.
  • Number of students: 80 thous.
  • Number of universities (higher schools): 23
Katowice today

todayDo you think that Katowice is still a city of coal and steel?

Although the city of Katowice owes its development to heavy industry, on the edge of XXI century these traditional regional trades are being replaced by modern economy branches. Different enterprises representing different industries are residing at the postindustrial areas, creating many workplaces. These changes, together with the modern infrastructure, ensure a brisk development of the city and the increase of its attraction for both citizens and investors.

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History of the city

hisotryThe first mention of Katowice goes back to 1598 and is found in notes made by the Reverend Kazimierski who visited the Bogucice parish. However, the history of the city was marked by fates of several much earlier Slavic agricultural settlements dating from the 14th and 16th centuries as well as smithies which now make up the city quarters.

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The City Development Strategy
The City of Katowice invites to submit proposals, for design, construction and operation of the Municipal Recreational, Sport and Bathing Centre in the area of Kosciuszki and Zgrzebnioka Streets in Katowice within the framework of a public-private partnership.
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